Zero-based World MOD APK Free Download Unlimited All

Zero-based World MOD APK Unlimited money

Zero-based World MOD APK Free Download Unlimited All


Zero-Based World is a completely free 3D multiplayer online sandbox game.

In this dream world, every blade of grass is formed from imagination. Simple, lifelike, immersive, open, and joyful. Here, this world is as big as your imagination allows. In this game, you'll roam, settle down, learn, and refine. You'll develop steam power, electricity, and industry. Explore with great freedom, build, collect pets, and enjoy all kinds of gameplay. Let your imagination soar beyond the ordinary. Start from zero in this parallel world and experience another life!

Game Features

Super Realistic Nature
Simulations of lifelike natural scenery. Roam through grasslands, swamps, desserts, tundra, volcanoes, ruins, subterranean glowing forests, and pitch-dark caves. Enjoy watching the sun rise and set with a sunlight system that follows real-time patterns. From blizzards to snowstorms, watch the weather change. Every detail brings you a different experience.

Easy, Free Survival Environment
No worrying about dying of hunger or running out of supplies, and no beast attacks either that destroy your house. It's all just free and easy exploration and creation.

Build a Unique Dream Home
In this highly-customizable build mode, unleash your creativity to craft tools, devices, and construction parts to create your own home. Chop trees to gather wood. Hunt with weapons to get food. Craft furniture to make life comfortable. In here, you can become an architect. Set up your dwelling however your heart desires. Become a master chef and craft all kinds of dishes, and you can even put the leftovers in the fridge. You could also become a civil or hydro engineer, making bridges to get to otherwise unreachable places or designing your own irrigation system to grow your farm and garden.

Train & Ride Various Beasts
There is a rich ecosystem here. Different animals are spread all around, with unique skills and stats. Birds lay eggs, and cows produce milk. Mechanical snow foxes can take you flying, while giant spiders will climb in caves with you. Tamed animals can be turned into your most loyal companions that you can roam the land and explore dungeons with. They'll take you to explore farther, more mysterious places.

Hatch New Life & Experience Miracles
In the game, you can get all kinds of animal eggs. Hatch them in incubators to produce their offspring. Occasionally, you might encounter strange eggs with a chance of hatching out Legendary tier animals. Upgrade and enhance your pets' durability and combat power. You can even release a giant Super Pet with elemental stats.

Form Teams to Survive
You can go it alone and compete with other players for territory. You can also pull together some other adventure-lovers. Team up, explore, and build. Plow, fight, and dig up more fun, surprises, and thrills.

Subterranean Exploration: Thrills & Chills
Explore dark caves, battle mysterious creatures, stroll through glowing forests, and seek treasures from dreams. May you find some like-minded friends on your journey and team up with them so you can explore deeper dungeons together.

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