Main Craftsman MOD Free Download Unlimited Money

Main Craftsman MOD Unlimited Money

Maino Craftsman Building Craft

Becoming a craftsman is your choice. Crafting and building is your job. Minicraft becomes your masterpiece in a city. Your goal is to become a mastercraft.

Maino Craftsman Building Craft story
Mainocraft is taken from the Javanese language maino and craft. Maino means let’s play. Playing craft in block world is mainocraft

Mastering Craftsman
The basic level in building is to be a craftsman. Craft from blocks into a mini city.

Exploring Block World
Explore the block world in Mainocraft game. Find cute animals, grow crops and build a village.

Have fun in Creative Mode
Crafting and building is a pleasure. Find fun in creative mode, you can use all resource blocks without limit.

Survive in survival mode
Challenge your crafting and building skills in survival mode. In the survival world you will be challenged to survive with limited resource conditions. You have to collect resources to build a minicraft, make you a craftsman until you finally become a mastercraft.

Play with friends in multiplayer mode
Invite your friends to play together to build a minicraft city. Compete your crafting and building skills.

In accordance with the philosophy of Mainocraft which means Let’s play Craft, then this game is made for your pleasure in playing Crafting and Building. Let’s Go!!

Features Values
NAME Main Craftsman
Installs 100K+
App Votes
APP ID com.craftly.pixelax

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